Again together for an active lifestyle – Youth Exchange

June, 2019

A group of passionate and hard-working young Europeans decided to take action and start encouraging their peers to join their cause in promoting physical activity and active living. Through word-of-mouth publicity and advertising campaigns, we are hoping to create a chain-reaction of healthy habits and mindsets, inspiring more and more people to adopt active lifestyles.



The first step of the project consisted in an athletic meeting, where groups of teenagers from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and the UK met to get to know each other through energizing games and sports. This allowed them not only to explore their surroundings through outdoor activities but also exchange ideas in an environment that encourages intercultural dialogue and friendships.

July 2019 - Varna, Bulgaria

The second step of our project took place in July 2019, when a group of youngsters from our organization has been invited in Varna, Bulgaria to engage in exciting games and activities. Together with their Bulgarian peers, they discovered the joy of playing as a means of non-formal education, which allowed them to pick up interpersonal skills by engaging in intercultural exchanges of ideas and values.

August 2019 - Varna, Bulgaria

Yet again, the city of Varna has been the host of the last activity of our international project. This time, “Together for an active lifestyle” brought together several young participants from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, the UK and 10 teenagers and youth workers living in Romania’s rural area. Exciting games and sports have been the means of introducing the young to the benefits of the “Education through Sport” methodology through relaxing non-formal activities.