Sport for Sustainable Development – Training Course

November, 2017



The first stage of the international project “Sport for Sustainable Development” gathered 30 young participants from 9 different countries (the United Kingdom, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia). Through this project, everyone was granted the opportunity to pick up strong interpersonal and practical skills by taking part in engaging games and other physical activities.

What is more, and perhaps most important, the youth workers have gained valuable insight into the best ways of exploiting the educational potential of sports and putting it to good use by sharing it with the youngsters they work with and thus, make the educational process more appealing and fun - everything for sustainable development.


The island of Tenerife, Spain hosted the second and last stage of the “Sport for Sustainable Development” project which was equally fruitful as the first one. Everyone engaged in exciting physical challenges and got the chance to bond with peers from abroad by exchanging experiences and ideas.

Our organization also benefited from this project as it provided the opportunity to test new concepts related to the Education through Sport methodology, which we are now excited to incorporate into our modus operandi.