Korfball for gender equality – Small Collaborative Partnerships

December, 2021

Korfball is the only team sport that girls and boys play in the same team. It is not only played with a team of women or men. Teams are a mixture of male and female players. For this reason, team understanding has been affected in a different direction. Since it is a sport based on intelligence and tactics rather than physical strength, male and female players are equal in this sport.


Kick off Meeting in Sarajevo 🇧🇦

We have started our project with the Kick-off Meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina where our partner hosted the project teams from Romania, Italy and Turkey. Our objective was to setup all phases for a successful project implementation where youngsters together with their families will have great experience in playing the game KORFBALL. At the end, we will develop also an international KORFBALL tournament.

Mid Term meeting in Sakarya 🇹🇷

A mid term evaluation meeting took place in Sakarya (Turkey) for sharing what activities were implemented and planning the final Korfball international tournament in Italy.

Local activities implemented in: 🇷🇴🇹🇷🇭🇷🇧🇦

Each partner organzation implemented at local and regional level different educational sport activities involving youngsters and their families.

In Romania, our organization introduced Korfball game towards many public schools / sport organizations from rural and urban areas and also developed sport sessions for children and their parents.

Korfball is the only team sport game where girls and boys play together in the same team. The document of the game’s rules can be of used by any stakeholders and other external organizations or individuals as a source of inspiration and instructions for a prospective practical implementation.

Final Tournament in Milano 🇮🇹

The final KORFBALL Tournament was organized by our Italian partner in Milano where 4 teams representing each project partner’s country 🇷🇴🇹🇷🇮🇹🇧🇦 played and enjoyed the spirit of this game.

The participants gained a lot of experience and acquired all information to promote the game

KORFBALL for Gender Equality.