Learning Through Sport – Capacity Building

November, 2019

Learning through Sport represents a transcontinental project which hopes to last 18 months in order to:

improve the quality of youth work by developing, testing and sharing innovative “Learning Through Sport” tutorials for youth workers

develop the soft skills of those who were to any extent participants in crimes of any nature, by granting them the opportunity to engage in non-formal learning activities with people from other continents

pioneer, test and share innovative ways of using sport in the educational process so as to help the young generations build a wide range of skills

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union🇪🇺.

Our organisation 🇷🇴 is part of a consortium of youth sports organizations from Peru🇵🇪, Colombia🇨🇴, Brazil🇧🇷, Bulgaria🇧🇬 and the United Kingdom🇬🇧.


Job Shadowing - Colombia 🇨🇴

In April 2019, the city of Medellin, Colombia has been the place where the local organisation Grupo Internacional de Paz welcomed our team into an exciting job shadowing activity. Our team had the opportunity to gain valuable insight not only into how the educational potential of sports is best put to use, but also into the methodology of the 7P’s.

The activity gathered 11 leaders from different cultural and educational associations, namely: the Freedom for Education, Culture and Sport organisation, the Champions Factory, Grupo Internacional de Paz, Engajamundo and Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perù.

Training of Trainers - Peru 🇵🇪

24 youth workers from our partner organisations took part in a 10 days training programme in September 2019, in Lima, Peru.

The project focused on informing youth workers through non-formal educational activities about using sports as a learning toll – everything while outlining and testing the very methods that will bring the learning experience to a whole new level.

As part of the training course, our Peruvian partner organisations prepared a “creative body expression” workshop for the young inmates (aged 18-24) at the INPE Prison in Lima, which we got to visit.

Creative Body Expression – a unique way of using the Education through Sport methodology, known to achieve great results for all age groups.

Youth Exchange - Brazil 🇧🇷

During the period 15th – 25th of November 2019, Sao Paolo welcomed 36 teenagers and youth workers from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Romania, Bulgaria and the UK at a thrilling youth exchange programme.

By providing the ideal Learning through Sport environment, the Latin American and European culture bonded more than ever, thanks to many energetic youngsters that had the time of their life together, exchanging ideas and forming long-lasting friendships.

Everything for an effective education!