Worldwide Schools Sharing

November, 2019



BRAZIL 🇧🇷- November 2019

While in Sao Paulo 🏝, our international project Worldwide Schools Connect has been the place where Brazilian students revealed what the beauty of life means to them through energetic dance moves 💃🏻, rousing tunes 🥁and impressive martial arts skills 🤼‍♀️.

These activities come together as Capoeira, the martial art marked by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, which, naturally, never fails to astonish its public.

PERU 🇵🇪- September 2019

The Primary and Secondary School of Puente Piedra Municipality fostered our very first interaction with the Latin American public education system.

During our stay, both students and teachers have showcased their mutual approach to education, “Learning Through Sport”. By exploiting the versatility of the educational environment, our hosts proved how appealing the learning experience can be.

INDIA 🇮🇳- December 2018

Human Rights, instructional strategies and classroom techniques that improve student performance and learning have been among the topics our team set out to elaborate on in over 20 schools from all over India, starting with New Delhi and all the way to Mumbai.

In the process, the interest of numerous Indian students has been aroused by appealing volunteering programs. Their aim is to pave the students’ way towards a better education, which unavoidably leads them into a better way of life.

KENYA 🇰🇪- May 2018

Nairobi’s schools did not fail to surprise our team in the most positive ways.

Besides having an outstandingly well-defined calligraphy, we discovered that every student shares a strong bond with their teachers, who, in turn, show a passionate involvement in each and every student’s progress.

But perhaps the most confounding discovery was that, as long as they attend all their classes, every student in Kenya knows how to speak English!

GERMANY 🇩🇪- January 2018

The city of Hamburg fostered the meeting of several UNESCO representatives and our team, with the mutual objective of developing Lifelong Learning projects.

Additionally, our organisation was selected to represent Romania at the UNESCO’s Collective Consultation of NGOs on EDUCATION 2030.

On a similar note, by the end of 2019, our organisation will have taken part in the same international 🌏meeting organised by UNESCO, the Collective Consultation of NGOs on EDUCATION 2019 (also known as CCNGO2019), as the Romanian representative. Together with worldwide representatives, the numerous facets of equity and inclusion will have been examined so as to achieve a Sustainable Development - Goal 4.

USA 🇺🇸- December 2017

While at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights, University of Columbia , New York our team had the greatest pleasure in discussing various aspects of Human Rights with numerous other experts in the matter, who share the same ardent passion.

Our meeting was part of the “Beyond neutrality, the humanitarian system at a crossroads” project, whose main objective is raising awareness of Human Rights on a global scale - endeavor which is shared in equal measure by our NGO.

BULGARIA 🇧🇬- November 2017

The Secondary Schools in Bansko received our team with open arms. Several teachers and students took part in intercultural exchange activities, where efficient teaching and learning practices through music and physical activities have been the main topic of discussion.

SANTA CRUZ, TENERIFE 🇪🇸- October 2017

On the occasion of our visit, over 200 students and the majority of the teachers’ board in the largest high school in Tenerife – Canary Islands, IES La Laboral - have been keen participants in heated discussions about the improvement of the current education system.

The focal point of the conference was how best to identify and meet the students’ needs; with the active involvement of the students, we were able to pin down the areas in their learning experience that need most improvement.

JAPAN 🇯🇵- July 2016

Meeting with Japanese inspectors and teachers from the biggest educational institutions in Tokyo, Yokohama and Ashikaga allowed our team to gain valuable insight into the Japanese education system. The highlights of our visit consisted in learning the key points of the Japanese discipline and also in gaining a wider understanding of the reasons behind the Japanese emphasis on personal development.

Subsequently, after gathering such valuable information, our NGO is now able to share this knowledge with the Romanian educational authorities and therefore, improve the current education system based on the Japanese modus operandi of lifelong learning.