National Calligraphy Contest- 3rd edition, 2019

November, 2019

The “Freedom for Education, Culture and Sport” Association in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, the National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa”, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the National Uni-versity of Arts Bucharest, organized the third edition of the cultural project – ed-ucational National Calligraphy Contest in September – October 2019 for all age groups: children (8-12 years), teenagers (13-19 years), adults (20-39) and seniors (40+).

This year’s edition had as theme: Biodiversity, the communion between man and nature, the award-winning calligraphic pieces being presented to the public in a special edition of an online brochure.

The awards ceremony brought together a large number of calligraphy lovers at the National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa”, Bucharest on No-vember 8, 2019. On this occasion, the exhibition event ExpoCaligrafia 2019 was also launched, where visitors were able to admire the most appreciated works from the contest, alongside calligraphic creations made by internationally re-nowned professionals.

Royal day for the winners of this year’s edition of the National Calligraphy Con-test who honored the invitation of the Royal Family at the Elisabeta Palace, re-ceiving congratulations from His Royal Highness, Prince Radu, and the CD enti-tled “King’s Music”.

At the same time, our organization was honored to offer the Royal Family a cata-log with all the calligraphic works awarded at the 3rd edition of this national con-test.


Age group: children(8-12 years)

  • Premiul I – Erica Martina ANTON – Tg. Trotuș, jud. Bacău
  • Premiul II – Florina Violeta TELEMAN – Adjud, jud. Vrancea
  • Premiul II – Vladimir Gheorghe – București
  • Premiul II – Ioana Prajan – Timișoara
  • Premiul II – Matei Catalin RADU – București
  • Premiul III – Izabela MUSTAȚĂ – Voetin, jud. Vrancea
  • Premiul III – Miriam IGNAT – București
  • Mențiune – Maria BUTARU – București
  • Mențiune – Andreea Marina BADEA – București


Age group: teenagers (13-19 years)

  • Premiul I – Amelita Nicole SIMON – Vulcan, jud. Hunedoara
  • Premiul I – Andra Diana GHEȚEA – București
  • Premiul II – Ioana Ana Maria OLAN – Suceava
  • Premiul II – Diana TOMA – Brăila
  • Premiul III – Andreea Alexandra LIPAN – Tg. Neamț, jud. Neamț
  • Mențiune – Tiberiu FRĂȚILĂ – București
  • Mențiune – Maria VACARU, Onești, jud. Bacău
  • Mențiune – Rebeca MUNTEAN – București
  • Mențiune – Ioana GHIȚESCU – București


Age group: adults (20-39 years)

  • Premiul Excepțional – Anastasia GAFIIUC – Republica Moldova
  • Premiul I – Maria CROITORU – București
  • Premiul II – Raluca CHIFU – Piatra Neamț
  • Premiul II – Xenia TRACENCO – Republica Moldova
  • Premiul III – Raluca LUCA – București
  • Premiul III – Maria GODELIUC – Republica Moldova
  • Mențiune – Corina BOSNAGIU – București


Age group: seniors (40+ years)

  • Premiul I – Teodor Nicolae SOTU – Bacău
  • Premiul I – Denis FOCA – Republica Moldova
  • Premiul II – Laura Gabriela MEDAR – Moreni, jud. Dâmbovița
  • Premiul III – Cristina MOCAN – Cluj Napoca
  • Mențiune – Keiko KADOTA – Cluj Napoca
  • Mențiune – Ovidiu Dan GOTA – Timișoara




Concursul National de Caligrafie ed. a-III-a la Radio Trinitas