Musical grammar

June, 2018

National project, teaching the Romanian language grammar through music, con-cept of the Freedom for Education, Culture and Sport Association.


June 2018
A new episode of the non-formal Romanian language teaching project, with Florin Chilian as our guest. The lyrics of the well known song “Zece” were put through grammatical analysis by children who prepare themselves for the National Assessment.
November 2017
Adrian Despot and Sorin Tanase from “Vita de vie” were the guests of the November edition and the beneficiaries were the children from sector 1, Bucharest.
October 2017
Teaching the parts of speech through a didactic method based on music represented the surprize session prepared for the 7th grade children, from Bucharest, enrolled in the national Musical Grammar program. Cornel Ilie from the band VUNK was the guest of the October edition.