Calligraphy – making words look as beautiful as they sound – The art of elegant penmanship

August, 2020


ExpoCaligrafia 2019

As the previous editions of the National Contest of Calligraphy have been a success, we decided to organise its third edition, this time biodiversity representing the central theme, with a special emphasis on the human-nature relationship.

Our partners in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca were the ones to exibit the best calligrafic works at the ExpoCaligrafia 2019 event. What is more, the winners of this year’s edition had the honour of being congratulated by the Royal Family of Romania at the Elisabeth Palace in Bucharest.

This edition has been brought into being with the undivided support of our partners: the Romanian Ministry of Culture, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca.


ExpoCaligrafia 2018

The long-awaited second edition of the National Contest of Calligraphy is finally here! This year, contestants have been required to design the cover of their favourite novel, granting them the opportunity to express through art the feelings that hundreds of pages of adventures and mysteries stirred in them.

This edition would not have been possible neither without having the Romanian Ministry of Culture and the Calligraphy School of Tallinn as partners, nor without the support of the Romanian National Radio Programmes, the GAUDEAMUS – International Book Fair and the Romanian National Library.


More about the previous edition down below!

Romanian National Calligraphy Contest 2016

Calligraphy - a personal artistic expression as unique as the lines on the fingertips with which the pen is held, the art of molding letters by one’s concept of ultimate grace and perfect harmony – inspired our organisation to find a way to promote it to the wider public.

This way, the first edition of the National Calligraphy Contest in Romania has been organised in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Culture and the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow.

Keen participants from Romania and the Romanian diaspora have submitted over 900 art pieces for an international jury to evaluate. The best calligraphic works have been later exhibited at the ExpoCaligrafia event held at the Romanian National Library in Bucharest, for everyone to delight in such an exquisite art form.