Education, Culture and Sport are equally-accessible values to each person.

Our Mission

Our association, "Freedom for Education, Culture and Sport" first appeared in March 2014, with the intention of helping any age group by offering access to education, culture and sports, through programs designed for personal development and also projects meant to help with improving/growing one's personal values.

What We Do

The main goal of this association is to promote high quality non-formal education through the initiation of cultural-educational, civic and of sports activities directed towards all age groups.

Association "Free to Education, Culture and Sport" in the view of young people

Our Team - Dedicated to Success


prof. Oana Şiclovan



Mircea Șiclovan

Executive Director


Madlena Schulman

Director of Projects United States of America


Oana Topală

Project Manager Belgium


Daniela Uchiyama

Project Manager Japan


Bianca Murzea

Youth project coordinator

Partners and sponsors

What our sponsors do for our association

Being in solidarity with the objectives promoted by our association, our sponsors offer us the necessary funding or professional support we need in the implementation of cultural-educational and sports projects. Sponsors also help us promote our projects, expose our story and be part of the positive change we wish for in society.

What we do for our sponsors

We pay attention to each sponsor individually, identifying common solutions that bring value to their organisation through the partnership with our association. Also, for our constant sponsors, we offer recognition for their active involvement through an appearace of their organization on our website, at the same time thanking all the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the projects implemented through the aid granted.