septembrie, 2022
IUBIRE ❤️, PACE ✌🏼, ARMONIE 😌 – toate inimile ❤️♥️💜💛🖤💖💚🧡🤎🤍 împreună pentru Toleranță

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union 🇪🇺, the project was a 24-months Capacity Building design in the field of Youth, involving six partner’s organisations from Africa (South Africa 🇿🇦, Kenya 🇰🇪, Senegal 🇸🇳) and Europe (Bulgaria 🇧🇬 , Italy 🇮🇹, Romania 🇷🇴). 

The project sets out to improve the quality and recognition of youth workers and leaders in non-formal education and how to use Sport and Theatre to create tolerant atmosphere and also enhances intercultural dialogue and peace, reinforces youth empowerment and promotes ToLERaNce through useful tools and educational methodologies in Sport and Theatre. 

Acest proiect a fost co-finanțat prin programul ERASMUS+ al Uniunii Europene. Sprijinul acordat de Comisia Europeană pentru elaborarea acestei publicații nu constituie o aprobare a conținutului, care reflectă doar opiniile autorilor, iar Comisia nu poate fi trasă la răspundere pentru orice utilizare a informațiilor conținute în aceasta.


The most important outcome of the ToLERaNce project is the Digital Handbook that we worked on throughout the project. It amasses elaborated descriptions and instructions for the creative activities using Sport and Theatre.

The ToLERaNce broschure is available in 5 foreign languages  (🇷🇴, EN, 🇫🇷, 🇮🇹, 🇧🇬) and it can be of use to stakeholders and of other external organisations or individuals, as a source of inspiration and instructions for a prospective practical implementation.

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Kick-off meeting

In an online format, due to the global pandemic COVID context, we have started our first official meeting within the project consortium in February 2021. It was a good opportunity to set the tone, style, and vision for the project as a whole, and to establish common goals, tasks, and timelines within our project team.

Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪

Our educational activity was hosted in Nairobi by our partner organisation Christian Community Healthcare Foundation – Kenya and had the aims to mainstream Human Rights education within youth workers and youth leaders, particularly to counter the rise of discrimination and hostility towards disadvantaged young people. As objectives, we set:

  • To develop competencies in human rights education
  • To equip youth workers with essential skills, tools and non-formal education methods for the effective promotion, protection and realisation of Human Rights 


Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪 #Teamwork

Teamwork is a clue-word of our project based on collaboration, brainstorming and good practice examples sharing.



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Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪 #Kenyata University

Writers around the world chose #Tolerance as the main topic of their dramas, novels, poems. Here is an example observed in our visit at Kenyatta University in July 2021, students playing a drama written by themselves with the subject of Tolerance awareness, in its various aspects. #ErasmusPlus #CapacityBuilding



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Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪 #ToLERaNce through Sport

The most popular sport game in the world, football ⚽️ can teach us #tolerance, #fairplay and #respect.

A great experience during our common activity at Mathare Youth Sport Association, Nairobi, Kenya


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Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪 #Mathare slums

A wonderful example of promoting #tolerance through #arts #streettheatre ##music #dance in #Nairobi #Kenya #Africa #ErasmusPlus



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Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪 #ToLERaNce awareness in school

We strongly believe that education in and outside schools should emphasize the value of being tolerant and acceptance of diversity.



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Training in Nairobi 🇰🇪 #Interviews with participants

Take a look on this video that highlights the opinions of our participants at the ToLERaNce Training event in Kenya.

Mid-term meeting of the Project Coordinators in Dakar 🇸🇳

The meeting was hosted in Dakar, Senegal by our partner organisation Association Jeunesse En Action GNO FAR and had the aim to work on mid-term project evaluation, to revise and to evaluate the structure of the project deliverables. Also, the participants had an amazing experience by visiting some local institutions and organizations that promote Tolerance through sport and theatre in their educational activities.



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Mid-term meeting in Dakar 🇸🇳 #ToLERaNce through Sport

One for all and all for one. #Tolerance delegation met the Sacre Coeur College students and coaches in Dakar, Senegal spreading the joy to promote Tolerance through Sport.



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Mid-term meeting in Dakar 🇸🇳 #ToLERaNce through Theatre

Our international delegation witnessed a good practice example of promoting #tolerance through #theatre by a youth group #Espoir de la Banlieue in #Dakar, #Senegal



Take a look on the Theatre play 🎭

Job Shadowing in Johannesburg 🇿🇦

The event was hosted in Johannesburg region by our partner organisation SayPro (Southern Africa Youth Project) and had the aim to give youth workers insights into the various practical applications on Human Rights Education in South Africa, through which the capacity of the organisations will be enhanced. 


  • Observation of the work of the Southern Africa Youth Project organization but also the other local organisations focusing on their Human Rights, Sport and Culture departments.
  • Involvement of the participants in the daily work / activities of the educational institutions in different regions from Johannesburg area


Be part of our great experience during the job shadowing in Johannesburg and take a look at the full version of the video!

Job Shadowing in Johannesburg 🇿🇦 #visit at Foundation for Human Rights

#Equality #dignity #freedom #humanrights -concepts of #Tolerance learned through our delegation's visit at Foundation for Human Rights in #Johannesburg.



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Job Shadowing in Johannesburg 🇿🇦 #ToLERaNce through theatre

The performers from Uhambo Theatre shared us the Tolerance experience through a creative mixture of gesture, speech, song, music and dance.



Take a look on the Theatre play 🎭


Job Shadowing in Johannesburg 🇿🇦 #visits the local organizations

A great opportunity through our on-the-job training in South Africa to learn new skills and work cultures of local partner orgnizations: SayPro, SANCA Rehabilitation Centre, Greater Midrand Development Centre and Mould Empower Serve Centre.



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Job Shadowing in Johannesburg 🇿🇦 #Interviews with participants

- Respect, Love, Human Rights -

Testimonials of our participants to the ToLERaNce Job Shadowing event in South Africa

Youth Exchange in Somone 🇸🇳

The event was hosted in Senegal by our partner organisation Association Jeunesse En Action GNO FAR and had the aim to reunite youngsters and youth leaders in order to provide them with an insight into the Human Rights situation in Europe and Africa and to sensitise them that Sport and Culture could be great tools for aproaching the Tolerance aspects.


  • To share examples of good practice in the field of Human Rights and Tolerance
  • To encourage young people to take an active part in Human Rights projects
  • To learn how the creative educational activities in Sports and Theatre could be used in promoting the Tolerance and Human Rights aspects.
  • To disseminate the project’s outcomes (the broschure and the training program)
  • To experience the Tolerance aspects by interacting with the local community


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Youth Exchange in Somone 🇸🇳 #interacting with the local comunity

Amazing experience in Somone



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Youth Exchange in Somone 🇸🇳 #Friendly 🏀 game with local youngsters

Youth Empowerment - ToLERaNce through SPORT 



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Project closing event in Bucharest 🇷🇴 - official conference
On 14th of September 2022 we organised an official meeting where in addition to the representatives of our partner's organizations we had honoured to have guests from different public institutions in Romania and youngsters, too: 
  • European Commission's Representation in Bucharest

  • Senate Committee on Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Religious Confessions and Minorities

  • UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

  • UNICEF Romania

  • “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History

  • The National Council for Combating Discrimination

  • Ministry of Education

  • General Directorate of Minorities and Relations with the Parliament, Ministry of Education

  • “Ion Neculce” National College

  • Teacher Training Center Bucharest

  • Embassy of Albania in Romania

Project closing event in Bucharest 🇷🇴 - activities with students

The project's team (South Africa 🇿🇦, Romania 🇷🇴, Kenya 🇰🇪, Italy 🇮🇹, Senegal 🇸🇳, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ) had great educational activities with youngsters from Romanian schools where together we practiced ToLERaNce through Theatre and Sport.  


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Dissemination activities in Romania 🇷🇴

More than 30 schools all around Romania were directly involved in promoting ToLERaNce for thousands of students (youngsters and kids). It was an amazing experience also for more than 60 teachers who used our project' broschure and coordinated the educational activities on Sport and Theatre.


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Dissemination activities in South Africa 🇿🇦
SayPro and Tolerance-ErasmusPlus project Dissemination Activities with youth in Tolerance and Human Right.
Teaching young people to be tolerant irrespective of background, culture, religion, race.
We are human before anything else #ErasmusPlus #humanrights


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Dissemination activities in Italy 🇮🇹
Dissemination activities of Tolerance-ErasmusPlus project in Milano 🇮🇹 ⚽ 🎭
Tolerance-ErasmusPlus project is a great opportunity to discover several good practices of promoting Tolerance through #Theatre and #Sport, 2 of the main pillars of L'Orma activity since 2000.

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Dissemination activities in Kenya 🇰🇪
Tolerance activities through theatre and sports @ Birunda high school in Kitale
cup race sport activity and the shop for theatre activity

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Dissemination activities in Bulgaria 🇧🇬

#tolerance Dissemination in Varna, Bulgaria at 7th SU Nayden Gerov


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Dissemination activities in Senegal 🇸🇳